The Hope Park Memorial to the Unborn is the first site in the city of Toledo and the state of Ohio that will build a memorial for the unborn on what was formerly an active abortion clinic. This memorial is dedicated to the tragic loss of lives that occurred on this site from 1983-2013.  Over 50,000 documented abortions occurred during that time span. But also during that time, many praying people stood outside this clinic, in their homes, churches, and ministries and prayed that the Lord Jesus Christ would close its doors. Through many timely events orchestrated by the Lord Jesus, the deed to this property was signed and sealed and given to us on October 7, 2014!
This site is no longer called the Center For Choice but the "Isaiah 61 Project". What was once a place of death now has a life giving declaration over it. Our prayers for this land was given over to us because the Lord answered....When Love for ashes rises up.

The Isaiah 61 Project has come along way but we need everyone's help to finish the work. Consider being apart of the rest of the story!